The Impact of Heather Kleiman

Heather Kleiman, Grand Ledge athletic trainer, passed away suddenly on December 26th in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Kleiman was the athletic trainer to GL athletes since 2004 and the community has been greatly impacted by her loss.

“It’s definitely a sad moment because everybody looked to her for care and support,” Junior Isabella Henrys says about Kleiman.

 Many student athletes have been impacted by  Kleiman, who helped a lot of them through the worst sports-related injuries. Brianna Woods recalls the support when she broke her ankle during warm ups before a basketball game her Sophomore year.

“She held my hand as long as she could until I was put in the ambulance,” Woods said as she recalled her injury.

Not only was  Kleiman there for injuries, but she also was great at listening to the student athletes she treated.  Before practices her room was filled with athletes who were trying to get injuries wrapped. She would ask about their day and listen to them vent about anything going on. Some athletes would go to just lay on her tables to mess around and talk.

This could be seen at her memorial in Grand Ledge with the room packed with grieving student athletes. The amount of support that she got in the wake of her passing was overwhelming.  It was clear that  Heather Kleiman was absolutely loved in the community.

“The courage and strength that she gave me will never be forgotten. The love she had for her athletes will forever be unmatched,” Woods stated.