Into the Spring Musical

 This year Grand Ledge Musicals has chosen Into The Woods as their spring musical. Into The Woods involves many Grimm brothers fairy tales, not always featuring happy endings. However, our GL cast will only be performing the good endings in act one, as they’re doing the junior version of the musical.

 A lot goes into producing a musical behind the scenes. Learning your lines, practicing dances, and knowing when and where you’re supposed to be on stage are just parts of it.

  “The first couple of weeks you feel like ‘oh this is gonna be fine…’ when ‘tech week’ starts it goes completely insane sometimes and it can be a lot of work,” Junior Taylor Javoroski, who plays Jack’s Mother explained.

 The cast’s work started all the way back to after winter break when auditions started. Now that the show is only a few weeks away, they are tirelessly rehearsing everyday after school to put on their best show.

 “The way that we’re putting the show on is going to be different than what people are used to seeing from us, like how we’re using different parts of the auditorium,” Senior Miah Winston, a swing(understudy) stated.

Not only is the cast important, but the directors too. They help make the show what it is, a pivotal part of the production.

 “Working directly next to your director, seeing how you have to decide who does what and coming up with decisions on the spot,” Winston recalls her experience helping direct.

Everyone can see the cast’s hard work pay off,  March 9 to 12.  Tickets are being sold on