Ledge Craft Lane

The Past, Present, and Future

Carson Lemon, Staff Writer

  In what used to be Grand Ledge’s fire house in 1885, on the corner of Bridge Street and River Street, an artist owned co-op filled with handmade art awaits! Ledge Craft Lane, a pillar of Grand Ledge, has had its doors open to local artists and the community since the 70s! 

  Nowadays, Ledge Craft Lane hosts over 50+ artists with different booths and stalls scattered throughout the store. The store is run and operated on a volunteer basis, every artist who sells in the store comes in and works a day, working the cash register and keeping the store open.

  Tam Wolfe, an artist who sells in the building says she’s been working with art, like most, since she was a kid. However, she became involved with Ledge Craft back in its early days. “Back in high school, my mom, my sister, and I got into a booth here at Ledge Craft back in 1974, then I went to LCC and kept selling my work here for a few years,” she said.

  When asked about advice for “bad artists” who want to change their mindset, “I dunno man, get a therapist,” she remarked with a snicker. In a more serious tone she started, “You’ve got to like it, I had to learn everything I made, I had to learn from scratch, but I think I got better at it because I liked making it,” Wolfe said.

  Wolfe also offered some advice for people looking to get in touch with their artistic side. “Get some books, read up on what you’re interested in, and then maybe you can get into a class that fits your style, what you might like to do,” Wolfe suggested. She is currently offering sewing classes hosted at Ledge Craft Lane, and can be contacted by text: (707)-548-3666 to sign up.

  For those interested in stopping by Ledge Craft Lane, they’re open Thursday and Friday from 11-5 and Saturday from 11-4. They also keep updates and new class opportunities on their Facebook, and post regularly on the Grand Ledge Community Page.