Buff n Tuff Round Two


Ashleigh Priese

The Buff n Tuff game took place on Sunday Feburary 26th. Above Ben McDiarmid spikes a volleyball over to get the point for his team.

Kaysen Strohaver and Abbie Perri

   As an end to Winter Homecoming,  Buff n Tuff took place on February 26th. Opposite of Powderpuff, in this game the boys are the players and the girls are the coaches. 

  In previous years only the upperclassmen could participate. This is the first year all four grades will be participating on their own separate teams with coaches from each grade helping their teams. Since last year only the juniors and the seniors were allowed to participate, only one game was played. Now with the sophomores and freshmen, there will be three games. 

 “I am happy to be coaching and I think it will be a fun experience,” Freshman coach Ryan Rebec said. “I am most excited to have fun with everyone and the other coaches.”  

  The players are also looking forward to the competition that comes with playing with and against their friends. 

  “I think our team will be able to win for many reasons due to our chemistry as all of off us have played sports together in the past and trust each other so our bond is very strong,” Sophomore Grady Millbrook. 

  Players were ready to play and be competitive with eachother. “I’m excited to win with the boys and I feel I’ll do good!” Junior player Landon Parker says. Many players are super excited and ready to compete against the other grades. 

  With there being more competition this year for the Seniors it makes the stakes higher for them to win this year. It’s the last year they can coach and play, so they want to put full effort into it.  

  “I am happy to be able to coach since it’s my Senior year and it’ll be the last year to be able to do it with my teammates,” Angelea Cutts said. “It’s nice to be able to come together with them after the volleyball season is over to do what we love to do.” 

  Buff n Tuff started with the Seniors playing the Freshman. The winner of the first game was the Seniors. Then the Juniors and the Sophmores played. The juniors won the game to advance them to the championship with the Seniors.      The final matchup was the Seniors and the Juniors. The Juniors were the winners of Buff n Tuff. The game went to three sets, the Juniors winning the first, Seniors winning the second and the Juniors won the last set to win Buff n Tuff.