New Additions To Downtown Grand Ledge 

Ava Delaney, Staff Writer

In downtown Grand Ledge, a lot of new shops and restaurants are being introduced, including the reopening of the Sun theater, the new upscale thrift, and a meat shop name MEAT on the west Side. Recently, there has been a new sign put up replacing “Bridge and Main” with a new restaurant called “Arms and Embers.” This restaurant is hoping to open in April. With the addition of this new restaurant, there will also be a board game room put upstairs. 


The new owner of the Sun Theater, who is also the owner of Arms and Embers, and the board game room, Tim Booth, spread some light on these new additions to downtown.  


  “The idea came from my employees at the exterior of Lansing, as part of the transition of relocating our business to Grand Ledge I told them we had good food options for lunch but COVID happened and now the only good food for lunch was Mexican food and fast food! So I decided to fill my promise and provide good food for everyone” 


  He also shared about his favorite part of the process so far as “Taking what has been and make it better for all” 


  Along with the restaurant, upstairs there will be a game room. Booth shared that this idea came from his past “Growing up and how much we enjoy family and friends while playing games.” The concept of the game room is a place where friends and family can catch up and enjoy playing board games of all varieties. 


Booth shares more about the business and community of Grand Ledge


  “These businesses are more examples of local people trying to keep the community in Grand Ledge rather than take their businesses to Lansing! Looking forward to helping other businesses grow with us as well! Local business is the thread of all Communities! I’m just happy to be able to help!”


  As downtown Grand Ledge grows, check out “Arms and Embers” and the new board game room.