Live! At Horrocks



Groove Doctors open the stage with a funky piece to welcome the Horrocks crowd. The East Lansing based group performed their 2023 single ‘Groove Me’ which featured members Mike L, Glenn C, and Davis S.

Marisol Macias, Section Editor

  Horrocks Farm Market is known for their abundance of fresh produce, candy and popcorn bar, and an array of greenery to browse. In the past couple of years, the local business has undergone interior renovations as well as work in the parking lot to accommodate for the many features locals cherish today, such as the pizza parlor and gelato creamery. 

  Perhaps the most lively feature in the whole operation includes the opportunity for live performances in the space to enjoy it all: The Horrocks Beer Garden. Located right next to the greenhouses, the garden is a space to savor the variety of food options available like the food trucks Atomic Taco or Eato Chef. 

  Horrocks has decided to complete the Beer Garden’s artsy atmosphere with a performing stage for local groups or individuals to share their music with and from valued members of the community. 

  Even though it is called the “BEER Garden” and sells a variety of alcoholic beverages, during the daytime, the space remains family-friendly where people of all ages can come and enjoy a good time. 

  “I love that it is a family-friendly place for people of all ages. Many of the other music venues in the area are bars that don’t necessarily include people of all ages…Horrocks draws customers of all ages and demographics,” Filomena Castriciano, a local performer and community member, says. 

  As an entertainer, Castriciano touches on the importance of having a space to express her inner feelings and talent through song.

  “Sharing my talent is meaningful to me because I feel like the art of music is a language that everyone understands…my hope is that others can relate and connect to those emotions and feel like they are not alone in their feelings, whether those be feelings of joy, happiness, love, loneliness, sadness, or suffering,” Castriciano remarks. 

  Luckily, entertainers of different ages are welcome to put on a show in the garden and can relate to Castriciano’s sentiment. 

  There’s lots more to love coming up at Horrocks in the spring and summer. And as always, Horrocks is hiring.Those looking for a job can find paper applications in store or online. 

  “Hiring requirements are going to vary based upon the department you choose to apply for. The minimum age to work for Horrocks is sixteen, but if you’d like to work in IORIOS which is gelato they hire at fourteen…I would definitely recommend it to the Junior/Senior age level,”  Amelia Diaz, a current Horrocks employee and Grand Ledge Alumni, says.  

  “We have music quite often throughout the week in the Beer Garden and our greenhouses are finally open! ” Diaz remarks. 

The Farm Market is open during the week from 7am- 10pm. Beer Garden is open from 11am-9:30pm. Horrocks Schedule of food trucks, specials, sales, and Beer Garden entertainment is available on their website or on Facebook.