Pizza Market in Grand Ledge


Ethan irish

Grand Ledge students enjoying a lunch deal at Peppinos.

Brody Conaty, Opinion Editor

    There are endless pizza options in the Grand Ledge area. Whether are looking for a high quality, sit down dinner, or a quick and easy pizza delivery, GL has it covered. The primary pizza options are Cuginos, Peppinos, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Dominos, and Hungry Howies.

    Some places value quality and others value low prices. The diversity between the two is evident in GL. First there is Cuginos. Cuginos is a locally owned Italian restaurant, located in downtown Grand Ledge. It is known to have the best pizza around town. I would tend to agree that in terms of quality pizza, Cuginos takes the throne. With the best tasting sauce and excesses of cheese, the pizza is consistently good every time one decide to stop in. The only downside of Cuginos, especially for high school students, is its price. Cuginos is a formal, sit down restaurant, making its prices high, but reasonable. This makes it virtually impossible for students to get during lunch, due to time restrictions.

     Another pizza parlor that values quality over price is Pizza Hut. Although their pizza may not be top notch like Cuginos, Pizza Hut has excellent complimentary sides such as breadsticks, wings, and pastas. This makes Pizza Hut the second best pizza parlor in the GL area. Price and time is a downside to Pizza Hut, as it is more of a sit down restaurant. This makes prices more expensive, but still reasonable.

All pizza is pizza.

     Little Caesars and Peppinos are both regarded as phenomenal places for students to come and grab lunch. They both offer amazing deals that allow you to fill up at lunch for only five dollars. This is convenient to high school students who have no job or low income jobs. Also, at Little Caesars especially, they will get you in and out with your pizza in ten minutes or less. This is Little Caesar’s main marketing point with their famous five dollar “Hot n Ready.” Peppinos is similar to Little Caesars in the sense that you can get in and out quick with a meal in less that ten minutes, for a low price. But there is a catch. Not only does Peppinos offer a five dollar lunch deal geared towards high schoolers, they also have better regular pizzas and a quality dining area. This combines the best parts of Cuginos and Little Caesars, making Peppinos the best pizza parlor around.

     The final two parlors highlighted in this article are Dominos and Hungry Howies. There is a saying that “all pizza is pizza,” implying that pizza is good enough no matter where it is from. With Hungry Howies, this statement is true. Howies does not excel in a certain category of anything, but their pizza is still quality enough to be enjoyed. I would not pick Hungry Howies over Pizza Hut, Cuginos, Little Caesar’s, or Peppinos, but it is still a decent pizza. The same can not be said about Dominos. Dominos does not excel in anything and lacks in almost everything. The prices for their product are way to high considering they make the worst pizza in the city of Grand Ledge. The saying “All pizza is pizza” does not apply to Dominos, as their pizza is not to be compared to the likes of the ones above in terms of quality.