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Sierra Appelgreen, Staff Writer

In an interview with Sierra Appelgreen, I started out by asking her about her family life and she stated that she has a younger brother named Jordan, a cat named Nala, and 2 dogs named Oscar and Dora. She lives with her parents Tisha and Brian who she loves very much. Then we talked about what the most important things to her are and she said her family and friends because they mean everything to her, they are always there to talk with her and to hang out when she wants to do fun activities.

  Education is another thing that is important to her because she wants to try and get into a good college with the help of her grades. Another thing we talked about is how Sierra expresses herself like drawing. She mostly draws cartoons and realistic animals because real people are too hard for her. The music she listens to and sings is another example of how she expresses herself, she mostly listens to pop music and 80’s music. She even watches cool movies like Marvel, DC, the Jurassic Parks/Worlds, Harry Potter, StarWars, and more.

  We talked about traits that Sierra has and she said that she can make people laugh, gets along well with people, she's a hard worker, has good common sense, and she's honest with people. The people Sierra said who shaped her the most are probably her parents. They are always there through her ups and downs and teach her new things. She said, “she's basically turning into them.” They are the ones that influence her the most. 

Two things that have impacted Sierra's life are that she got her license, which took a while because everyone was making appointments to the Secretary of State, but it was all good in the end. She got braces in May of 2018 and got them off in August of 2020, which helped her self confidence because her teeth were a mess. The thing that scares Sierra the most is losing a family member or a friend, because she wouldn't know what to do without them. The interview has told you a lot of interesting things about Sierra and how wonderful her life has been so far.  

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Sierra Appelgreen