Crossplay Saves the Day

Play-Station 4 and Xbox 1 combine for game play


Illustration by Jonathan Callison

Epic Games brings new cross platform experience to Fortnite.

Ethan Irish, Staff Writer

    For years, people have waited for a game to become the first to have cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox users. On Sept. 26, Epic Games ended the wait. With this new update, people who play Fortnite on PlayStation 4 can play with friends and hop into a game with Xbox One users. This new update is open to all players after being just an open beta, where only certain Fortnite players could play it, for the cross-play to go through testing, ensuring that it will be the best it can be. There are  a variety of other platforms that this beta is available for such as, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Illustration by Jonathan Callison
Fortnite has been the biggest game in the past year and cross-play might make it even bigger.

   Noah Warren, from the Grand Ledge Esports Team, commented on the update and how it will affect gameplay and make gaming even more fun.

   “It gives a new experience to the Fortnite gaming realm,” Warren said. “We can have new learning abilities and tactics based off of the new cross-play system.”

   This new update has brought up the ultimate conversation of who is better at Fortnite, Xbox or Playstation users, thus bringing more buzz to the already popular game. By Epic pioneering this new cross-play form of gaming, the debate between the Microsoft and Sony gaming systems could finally end.

   “It is a very smart move by Epic,” Vice President of the Grand Ledge Esports team Andrew Dorland said. “It will be very productive in the long run.”

It gives a new experience to the Fortnite gaming realm.

— Noah Warren

   Over the past year, without a doubt Fortnite has been the biggest game on the planet. With users ranging from children, celebrities, athletes, to even middle age accountants, the game has gained serious revenue. According to, in April of 2018 alone, the free game brought in 296 million dollars, and over the past year has turned the game developer into a billionaire. The game has updates to increase gameplay and moderate the skill level of the players so it is a fair playing ground. The new cross-play update will intrigue thousands of more users, because people that had Xbox One could not play with friends that played on PlayStation 4. The social aspect to this game makes it great for new players to meet new people, and Epic has taken that aspect to a whole new level.  Members of the Grand Ledge Esports team have showed they are excited about this feature that Epic Games is adding to Fortnite and they cannot wait for what else the game’s future has in store.