Game of Our Childhood


Graphic by Glenn Horne

Yoshi's Island is the game that generation Z grew up playing.

Matthew Faccio, Staff Writer

   Nostalgia comes in various forms for many people; the bitter sweet emotion is truly unique and it can help us discover what has inspired us throughout our lives. Generation Z, being the first generation to be born in a world with open access to video games from home, many children of this generation grew up playing these games. Believe it or not, as trivial as these games may seem to be, they were inspirational to many and they helped bring creativity and adventure to a child’s home. The game that is most memorable to me would be Yoshi’s Island, which was a big part of my childhood and remains as a warm and comforting memory.

   I know video games are not the most important thing in life, but things of emotional value are given to the item by the person. I feel like, with that being stated, any item in life can have emotional value, even a rock.

   With that being said, Yoshi’s Island was my first and favorite game for the DS. As a kid, I did not play very many video games, unless it was with my family or friends, but then my family gave me a DS with only one game, Yoshi’s Island. This game to me, as a kid, was legendary. I loved every single world because they all had their own distinct themes, along with their very own yoshi. The soundtrack was stellar, and any song that was playing went with its assigned environment perfectly. Some of the songs almost sound like lullabies, instilling this calm nonchalant feeling while still maintaining the pace of the level. The art style is warm, friendly, and colorful; the art style in this game really provides a nice peaceful tone that goes along perfectly with the soundtrack. Whenever I had Yoshi’s Island with me, I felt like carrying a piece of home anywhere I went with the warm welcoming soundtrack and the colorful fun art style, whether it was a long car ride or at recess.

   Yoshi’s island still remains one of my all time favorite games, these memories have helped me shape who I am today as all do and have reminded me of all the good times, which helps a ton when life gets rough.