Power To The Earth!

Carmen Cline, Opinion

    What is green energy? It means a lot of different things. To many it can save the Earth, and stop it from dying. Many scientists agree that Earth is getting warmer, and it’s man-made warming. Fossil Fuels are changing the planet in a bad way. Alternative energy can limit the amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere. The more fossil fuels used, the more harm that’s done to Earth. Humanity shouldn’t be destroying it’s only home. The human race can’t just get up and leave, there’s no other place to go and start over.

What are the types of green energy? There are many different types of green energy. Geothermal is a good example of green energy. Using the heat inside the Earth, to power the world. The country of Iceland runs mostly on geothermal energy. Hydroelectric energy is also a good energy source. China uses a massive amount of hydroelectric dams, which produce huge amounts of renewable energy for their nation. The same goes for Canada, which also uses hydroelectric dams. The country of Lesotho, located in south africa, runs entirely on renewable energy.

Many countries have noticed the damage fossil fuels cause. In Great Britain there are towns and cities suffering from smog. What is smog? Smog is a type of intense air-pollution, mainly caused by burning coal and other fossil fuels. It causes people to suffer breathing issues, such as asthma or bronchitis. Nowadays Great Britain is trying to shift towards a more green path. Germany currently leads the world in the green-shift. Germany enacted something called The Renewable Energy Sources Act, or EEG. The EEG encourages more eco-friendly power generation in the country. Since then Germany has been shifting further to the green-side of energy production. Another step towards a better future, with renewable resources.