An Overview of the Grand Ledge Public Schools Bond

    In 2018, a proposed bond to increase funding for Grand Ledge Public Schools was voted upon and passed. The bond contained funding for many parts of the Grand Ledge Public Schools system, including improvements to various learning buildings, new athletic facilities and equipment, and changes to roads to accommodate for traffic.

    One major place the bond money will be going is,  the improvement and construction of many learning facilities. Beagle, currently an elementary school, is being built upon in order to become the new middle school for grades 7 and 8. Due to its proximity to the high school, middle school students who take classes taught by high school teachers will now be able to get to those classes without a long bus ride eating into their learning time. Hayes Middle School is being transitioned into a 5th and 6th grade building, allowing for more expansive opportunities for younger students such as a band and choir program.

    The Grand Ledge community is known for it’s athletics, as well as it’s academics, and this area is receiving new facilities and equipment as well.  A new pool is being constructed, at what will be Beagle Middle School, that will possess both a cold water competition pool and warm water community pool. The competition pool will possess eight lanes, allowing for it to host swimming league meets and state tournaments. In place of the old pool, a new weight room will be outfitted. The current weight room is small and dated for the size of Grand Ledge High School, and this new weight room will allow for more kids to be able to be in the weight room at once, and to use newer, better equipment. A new track is also being built on the current “22 Acres”, a large plot of land currently behind the track, that will support larger stands so that more people can come and watch the track meet.

    A new connection to Saginaw highway is being built between what will eventually become the track. This new connection will be a roundabout so as to promote safety at the intersection. The new connection will reduce the time it takes to get from the highway to Grand Ledge High School sporting facilities. While currently one must turn onto the residential Jenne Street to get to Grand Ledge Highschool, with the new roundabout, access is granted straight from the highway. The new roundabout will also take traffic away from Jenne Street and the roads between the Highschool and track, which surely are more fraught with pedestrian traffic. This will increase safety for any pedestrians and drivers.

In conclusion the Grand Ledge Public Schools system is seeing many sweeping changes allowing for it to become a better environment for kids to grow up in. To learn more visit these links, GL Bond Updates and GL Bond Proposal