Halftime Show- Covid-19 Version

Naomi Tijerina, Staff Writer, Section Editor, Photo Editor

In the U.S. there are many traditions, including the ever famed Super Bowl. Every year we celebrate the top two football teams, in the country, by spending the first Sunday of February watching the teams compete for The Vince Lombardi Trophy. This year we can tune in for the Superbowl on February 7th. For those who do not understand football, they can always look forward to the commercials with many celebrities that are often hilarious and halftime show with super famous artists and amazing singers. As said by Isabella Tijerina, Junior at GLHS, “The Halftime show is more interesting because the football game is just regular football. And the halftime is a free concert that we can just watch.” However, this year is much different. Now in 2021, the world has to think about Covid-19. So, what will be different about this Halftime show? 

According to ESPN and Sporting News, the stadium, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida, will only allow 20% capacity for COVID-19 safety. This means that there are only 14,500 tickets available for a stadium that can hold 65,000 to 75,000 people.(2) And the ticket prices that ranged from $3,000 to $6,000 last year now go from $5,980 to $6,500 and the highest price last year was $70,153 and this year it is a whopping $365,148.(1) 

Hopefully, the performers will make it worth the price of attending. This year the Halftime show will be taken over by the esteemed R&B artist The Weeknd, along with Jazmine Sullivan & country singer Eric Church singing the “National Anthem”, H.E.R. singing “America the Beautiful”. The songs that The Weeknd will be singing are a mystery, but it can only assume that they will be from his latest album “After Hours”.(3) 

 There is always a question about whether or not there will be some surprise singers in The Weeknd’s performance. He has worked with quite a few artists in the past,including but not limited to Ariana Grande, Daft Punk, Kendrick Lamar, Lana del Ray, Doja Cat, etc. So there is certainly a lot to be speculated. Along with his mysterious performance, The Weeknd has had a recurring theme with his music videos and performances for the “After Hours” album. He slowly added bandages around his face until it was covered and then in the “Save Your Tears” video they were taken off and he had prosthetics that looked like he should be on Botched. The Weeknd’s fans can only wonder what condition his face will be in at the halftime show.

Over the past year, everybody  has had to adjust their lives because of COVID-19, from staying home to only going out if necessary. Though there will not be nearly as many attendees, the US will still be able to enjoy the Superbowl. It is bound to be a great game and an especially memorable Halftime show thanks to the famed “The Weeknd” along with any guest performers.



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