Taylor Swift is Releasing New Versions of Her First Five Albums


Megan Reynaert, Social Media Chair

Taylor Swift has been one of the biggest names in the music industry since she was 16 when she released her first album. Since then, she has released a total of nine albums. Her discography continues to grow and expand, she has covered multiple different genres and types of music. From her early albums (“Debut” and “Fearless”) that tend to lean more towards country music, to “Reputation” and “Lover”, which are pop albums, and finally to her most recent albums, folklore and evermore, which are indie-folk type music. 

folklore was released on July 24th, surprising every one of her fans. This was her 8th studio album, featuring 16 songs on the standard edition, and one bonus track on the deluxe edition. Just as her fans were getting over the surprise of folklore, Taylor surprised us all once again and dropped her ninth studio album, evermore, on December 11th. Evermore was described as folklore’s “sister album”. Swift said on her Instagram page, “we just couldn’t stop writing songs”. 

Her most recent announcement was the re-recording of Fearless. On February 11th, Taylor posted that Love Story (Taylor’s Version), would be coming out that night, and the entirety of Fearless “will be with you soon”. Swifties on social media soon figured out clues throughout her Instagram post and caption and discovered that April 9th must be the release date of the re-recorded album. Taylor has been on a roll with announcing big things and releasing them just hours later, so people all over the world are waiting very impatiently for April 9th to roll around to see what Swift has in store for us.

After fourteen years and six albums, Taylor Swift parted ways with her old record label, Big Machine Records. Even though in November of 2018 Taylor Swift’s contract ended with Big Machine Records, her first six albums were still controlled by that label. While she was still with BMR, her masters were sold to Scooter Braun, with whom Taylor has not been on good terms in the past. This is a big deal for the sole purpose that this means that she does not own her own music. Re-recording these albums will make them hers again, with people purchasing the new versions more often than the old versions. Every artist deserves to own their own music. Kelly Clarkson was the one that tweeted the idea in 2019 to Taylor, sparking the speculation that we were actually going to get new versions of these iconic songs.

In conclusion, Taylor continues to impress her followers with every new album she releases. She has continuously been on the top of the charts. In the meantime, go give “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” a listen while everyone waits.