GLHS Girls Soccer Mid-Season Check In


Maryn Davies, Staff Writer

Grand Ledge girls soccer has officially kicked off their spring season. With the year being very unpredictable, they are happy to have the season begin. COVID-19 has impacted high school sports especially and they are hopeful to make this season count.

After a week of tryouts, the teams have been made and the season has begun. ¨Personally I think our season had a rather good start even though our games haven’t had the turnout we’ve all been hoping for. It’s our first time playing together and it’s a lot of our first time playing for high school, but I know the team will be able to turn things around and we’ll end up with wins soon.¨ Audrey Burgess, goalie for the team, said.

For most of the year, soccer has been canceled due to COVID-19 and many people haven’t had a lot of practice. Bringing a positive attitude to the field and working hard is just what you need to make this season successful.

Due to COVID-19 and taking proper safety precautions, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has made it mandatory for spring sports to get a weekly COVID-19 test. “I don’t have much of an opinion on the weekly testing because it’s just an extra precaution. Is it sometimes a hassle, yes. Can it be annoying, definitely. We just have to adapt and accept it, there is not much we can do with a global pandemic around¨ Burgess said. At this point, the weekly tests seem like the least of their worries. Having a season is the goal and whatever it takes to have one will be done.

Playing soccer with COVID-19 cases on the rise can cause people to feel uneasy. During COVID-19, everyone has their own line of what makes them feel safe. ¨ I’m fine playing with COVID-19 because I know myself I am not at too high of a risk of being extremely hurt by it and we’re taking so many precautions there isn’t really anything to worry about. However, the masks I get were required to wear them everywhere but on the soccer field we are running around and our masks get wet and we can’t really take deep breaths without breathing in our masks. We also are getting tested every week anyway so why are we still having to wear our masks during soccer when we all test negative?” Burgess said. Whether being safe is a concern or not, the safety steps the athletic department is taking are done to ensure that everyone stays safe.

To athletes, sports are the top priority and they want to play. The necessary precautions are being taken to not only have a season but to make sure everyone stays safe while doing that. Staying positive throughout unpredictable times is the only way to ensure a fulfilling season.