Spring activities in Grand Ledge

Mathias Mouriaux, staff writer

Easter and April showers have passed, now it is time for May flowers to shine! May took away the cold weather and has brought us warm and sunny days. With spring, Grand Ledge overflows of fresh and traditional activities. However, with COVID-19 around, indoor activities are limited, but what is better than taking a huge breath of fresh air after staying home during the winter? 


The Ledges and Fitzgerald park 


At the shore of the Grand River, the Ledges and Fitzgerald park are unmissable. Open to many activities, kids, teenagers, and adults will find their place. 

Along Grand River stands a 2.5-mile trail boarded by 300 million-year-old, 40 feet sandstone cliffs. Enjoyable by walking and taking pictures, the spot is well known in Grand Ledge for senior and graduation photoshoots. For those experienced, as well as amateurs of adrenaline, the cliffs can be rock climbed (under supervision and with adapted equipment).

Enjoy the 76 acres at Fitzgerald park and try the frisbee golf course. Alone or with friends, this 18 holes course will give you a hard time, all that is needed is a frisbee and a good aim. 

For veterans of this game, feel free to check https://www.discgolfscene.com/courses/Fitzgerald_Park/events to join an event and maybe win a prize! 

On the Island or along in the park, enjoy picnicking with family. The place is perfect for a relaxing moment while watching ducks and flowers. 

Riders and freestylers will also find a new skate park in the park along with recreation game areas for kids. 


Grand River 


To sustain the heat, what is better than taking a moment on the water? The Grand River, which is the longest river of Michigan, harbors Grand Ledge and boards Fitzgerald park. 

Grand River is the perfect place to take a relaxing time with your friends and family while canoeing, kayaking, or even fishing. 

If you don’t have any equipment and still want to enjoy a moment, Grand Kayak (13920 W State Rd, Grand Ledge, MI 48837) opens back on May 16th! With a rental price of $20 for 2 hours of kayaking at Fitzgerald Park. 




To stay in the universe of water and if driving is no bother, why not enjoy a moment at  Lake Michigan’s beach or at Lake Lansing? 

Peaceful and relaxing, a huge bowl of fresh air combined with the smell of waves at Lake Michigan would be the best way to start Spring. Feeling Lake Michigan’s singing sands on your toes might be a feeling forgotten since last summer, but now is the perfect time to feel it again. 

Lake Lansing, the largest body of water within 30 miles of Lansing, is the perfect alternative to Lake Michigan. Along with Lake Lansing Park were stand bathhouse, beach, summer snack bar, playground, and picnic tables, amusement is guaranteed!


Biking and Horseback riding


Want to go for a ride? It is time to get bikes out! 

Enjoy the ‘west woods and acorn trail loop’ at Fitzgerald Park. This trail of 1.6 miles along the river with cute bridges and rock formations is perfect to renew with nature and exercises. But because one is not enough, ‘Hemlock loop trail’, ‘Nature center loop’ and ‘the Ledges’ are also trails situated at Fitzgerald Park.

‘Deer run and tallman’ trails in addition to Deer run loop are also trails of first choice. Situated in Lincoln Brick Park these trails between 1.6 and 2.5 miles are ready to be harbored. 

Novice or experienced, enjoy a horseback ride with Sundance Riding Stables (9250 Nixon Rd Grand Ledge, MI 48827). Horse riding is not a casual activity for everyone but will be an unforgettable experience! Enjoyable for kids, teenagers, and adults, do not wait anymore and give it a try. 


A moment with friends and family


The weather is actually perfect to invite your friends and family over and do something outside.  Open houses, barbecues, and cook-outs are all coming back alongside the warm weather. Make sure to keep social distancing and stay safe. 

Basketball, soccer, cornhole, and even more are all fun games to play while reunited with friends and family. 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed most indoor activities to remain closed for a while longer and will hopefully reopen soon when covid cases will go down. 

Despite everything, outdoor activities remain plentiful and it might be time to try some activities. Enjoy the weather, clear your mind and have fun!