What’s Next for Critical Role?


“Original Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rule Book – 1981 – Plus 2 Dugeon Modules” by Jennie Ivins is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Andrew Powers, Staff Writer

After 3 years, hundreds of hours, and a whole pandemic, Critical Role’s second campaign has come to a close. For those who are unaware, Critical Role is a group of 8 voice actors that sit around a table every Thursday and livestream their game of Dungeons and Dragons on Twitch and Youtube.

The cast of 8 voice actors that regularly play the game said goodbye to their party, “The Mighty Nein”, on June 3rd, with the finale totaling a runtime of just over 7 hours. The entire cast was in tears by the end of the emotional episode, including storyteller Matt Mercer himself. With this closure, many fans are looking to see what’s on the horizon for Critical Role. 

  The group is planning on starting their third campaign with new characters in a couple of months with no exact date given yet. Until then they will be streaming some one-offs, which are dnd games that are done in a single stream, as well as their new series Exandria Unlimited. The new series is an 8 episode long spin off that features some returning cast members along with some new faces. The series premieres June 24th live on Youtube and Twitch. The Critical Role team also just released their first ever game, U’kotoa, published by their new publishing studio Darrington Press. Last but not least, the crew has an animated show coming out on Amazon Prime at a date as of yet to be announced. The show will follow their first campaign, and characters will be voiced by the players themselves.