Montero: Students’ Thoughts


A student listening to Montero. 11 songs from the album charted on the US Billboard Top 100.

Andrew Powers, Current Events Editor, Entertainment Editor

Opinions are notoriously mixed on Lil Nas X online, and apparently at Grand Ledge High School as well. In a poll done by The Comet’s Tale, many students praise him for being an openly gay black musician that expresses himself how he wants, while others critcize him for the same things.

  “I like that he’s not scared to be himself and doesn’t listen to what people say,” said one student.


  “I think his music can be disrespectful,” said another.


  47.9% of students liked the album while the other 52.1% thought it was alright or bad. Many students brought up the music video portraying himself and satan in a graphic manner, and being sued by Nike for making shoes with blood in them. Some say it was good, others say it was disgraceful. Lil Nas X used these controversies to promote his debut album, Montero, which released Sept. 17.


  Lil Nas X’s album opens with the title track in which the artist talks to himself from the past, before he came out. The song stirred up many people with it’s music video months ago. Despite its past, it still comes out as a well produced, chart topping single. This is followed up by the first new song on the album, Dead Right Now. The song is a pop anthem from start to finish, which is a pattern seen throughout the album.


  Another notable trait on the album is Lil Nas using different instruments in his pop rap songs, which was first seen with his breakout song Old Town Road. His combination of guitar melodies that are not typically associated with pop or rap displays Lil Nas X’s variety in his music, and defines his style more clearly than his singles did before. 


 In the latter half of the LP, Lil Nas X opens up a lot about his feelings, culminating in the final song, Am I Dreaming, in which he talks about how grateful he is for his fans and for achieving the fame he has. He essentially says that his life right now is what his dreams were when he was just getting started making music. The song is slower and more intimate than the previous songs on the album, creating a memorable closing track. 


  Lil Nas X leaves some students excited and wanting more from his debut album, but it is not for everyone. Some people found the album to fall too hard into some of the flaws pop music tends to have, only liking a few songs off of the album. The choruses can feel overly repetitive at times and some tracks seem overproduced. One student echoing multiple others saying,

  Lil nas is kinda borderline, he either has really good songs like industry baby or annoying anthems like old town road