Staffing Issues and Covid-19


Signs like these cover windows all over Grand Ledge. The past year and a half of COVID-19 has affected businesses all over the country

Isabella Dionise, Staff Writer

  Help wanted! Now Hiring! In Grand Ledge and many places around the country, these types of signs plaster small businesses and chains alike. Establishments are struggling to find enough employees to keep the doors open, or run their usual hours.

  Robert Baldino owns Gunnisonville Meadows, an assisted living facility located in Dewitt. He has been experiencing staffing issues since the beginning of the pandemic, both with finding work and keeping employees. 

  It seems to come from all sides for business owners. When asked which was a bigger problem, people quitting or not having candidates to hire, Robert Baldino said “We had both, people quitting and people not showing up to interviews.” 

Mr. Baldino also voiced his frustration with interview scheduling.

 “It was very normal to have people that would not show up [to their interviews].”

  The pandemic was extremely difficult on staffing, and Mr. Baldino commented on the rough patches of the virus’s effect.

“The worst part was a couple of months into the pandemic,” He stated that they were short on staff and struggling to find enough people to cover shifts. 

  Being an assisted living home, Gunnisonville’s main concern was making sure there were people employed and working to take care of the residents. When asked whether the residents noticed the short staffing or holes in the staff he said, “We tried to fill spots… we would make do with people working overtime.” and reaffirmed that the residents never noticed a difference. However, he did have their family members comment on the short staffing. 


The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy and has touched every corner of the world and everyone’s lives, from the supply chain to not being able to eat inside of your favorite restaurant. Businesses are struggling and need our help.