A Happy Halloween!

Sometimes Things are Just Too Scary

Garrett Callison, Opinion Section Editor

 Ever received a weird vibe from the house on the corner? Always in constant fear of vampires and werewolves? That one part in the horror movie ends up with the popcorn bowl being thrown? Sometimes Halloween can get too scary, and a little bit of joking around is needed. Whatever the tradition is, Halloween does not have to be scary, in fact, it can be funny.

   Some believe a humorous Halloween is more fun, versus a Halloween filled with scares. Carving Jack-O-Lanterns, throwing a Monster Mashin’ Halloween party, doing some pranking, and trick-or-treating are typical non-scary Halloween traditions. Things on Halloween do not need to be scary to be fun. According to students,

  “I didn’t choose scary because humorous to my opinion is more fun,” said Justin Greiner. “I enjoy running around with friends and messing around over the traditional scary Halloween”.

  Trick-or-treating is one of the best Halloween traditions! Trick-or-treating is not a scary activity. Since it is just friends running around the neighborhood to over-the-top decorated houses getting free candy. Some plan their route to miss “that” house or to hit all the houses in the “rich” neighborhood for all the full-sized candy bars. High School students have been interviewed to see if they still trick-or-treat. One student, in particular, responded that she does. 

  “I think people our age should trick-or-treat because it’s a way that we can grow and make memories with each other,” Leigha Pardee said.

  Not only is trick-or-treating about making memories, but it is also about the sugar high and the sugar hangover the next day that you get from those ghoulish delights. If parents want to check the candy for danger, they are really just looking for their favorite candy. A parent’s mouth is not a metal detector but in all seriousness, eat the treats carefully.

  The last thing to address about a humorous Halloween is that some people like the things that go into making something scary but not the scary thing itself. 

  For example, “I do like learning about how they make scary movies like prosthetic and stuff but, watching scary movies, no” Alyssa Shaltry said. 

   Students seem to find it fascinating how Hollywood makeup is done and the process of special effects in horror movies. However, they are less interested in watching the jump scares and music stings in scary movies. Not to mention the character’s decisions in horror movies are kind of dumb. Seriously, following a scary noise is really the best idea? Apparently, the basement is 100% safe? A shortcut through the foggy graveyard during a full moon seems perfectly normal.

  All in all, the grim grinning ghosts of Halloween should be more grinning and less grim. Halloween can be less laughing out of fright and more laughing with delight. Avoid foggy graveyards, stick to well-lit areas, and maybe carry a clove of garlic. Happy trick-or-treating and have a happy Halloween.