A Haunting Halloween!

Liam Elder, Staff Writer

Nights are getting cooler, and leaves are starting to turn bright colors. This is the first sign that spooky season is upon us. The final send-off to spooky season, Halloween, is on its way. 

  Halloween is based on traditions. Hundreds of years ago people would dress up as saints, to fend off ghosts and demons. The traditions of Halloween started with a fear of ghosts and demons and should continue to do so. It seems that a lot of Grand Ledge students agree. From a survey of more than 200 GLHS students, the majority of them preferred a scary Halloween as opposed to a humorous one. 

  Junior Anna Zander says that her favorite Halloween tradition is “Watching horror movies”.

  Horror movies are a staple of Halloween. There is a reason that one of the most infamous horror movies of all time, Halloween, is named after the holiday. In fact, eight individual students said that Halloween is their favorite Halloween movie. 

  “I prefer a scary Halloween. My friend and I have a tradition of going to a different haunted house every Halloween.” stated Junior Brendan Sochay.   Attractions like haunted houses exist to be scary, and who wants to go to a haunted house on Christmas? No one, that’s why they are open in the fall during Halloween. Because Halloween is meant to be scary. 

  When asked about what he dresses up as for Halloween, Sophomore Coby Courter said, “I have grown up wearing scary costumes from zombies to slenderman, I have always gone with scary. In fact this year I plan to go as a skeleton.”

  Halloween isn’t Halloween without the costumes. You can tell the difference between people who prefer a more lighthearted Halloween compared to a Scary Halloween. Because they’ll either wear a morph suit, or a Scream costume. 

  At the end of the day, Halloween is truly about having fun. While hopefully your traditions include getting scared, hopefully everyone also has fun. Have a frightening and devious Halloween!