Trending Gifts of The Holiday Season


Trending gifts are all selling out. A Walmart parking lot a few weeks before Christmas.

Braelyn Jackson-Pointer, Staff Writer

The holidays are a busy time of the year, especially for stores with Black Friday and other holiday sales. This time of year is the season of giving, so gifts may be very important. Every year there is a certain gift that always seems to be in high demand. Along with the “it” gift, there are always electronics like TVs, Laptops, IPads, and more.

“I think a big gift this season will definitely be the iPhone 13,” said Kiara Page, a Sophomore at GLHS.

Apple is notorious for releasing its products right before the holidays to get people to buy. The iPhone 13 will sell for around $800 and was released in September of 2021. 

“Clothes and Shoes are gonna be a popular gift choice,” Said Brooklynn Rogowski, a Freshman at GLHS.

Stores like American Eagle, Pacsun, and Nike all have sales around this time, along with the dropping of new shoes like the Jordan 11 Cool Greys. They drop on December 11 at 10 am for $225 on the Nike website. Also with these sales and new drops, it gives people a chance to get the things they want to give for a more reasonable price.

“I want money or some gift cards for Christmas,” said Sophomore Isabel Aguilar.

Probably the most gifted thing is money and gift cards. People choose to give gift cards when they do not have enough time to shop, or when they put little to no effort into gift-giving. A gift card is especially the go-to gift when someone does not know what the other is interested in, and is an easy cop-out if you are shopping last minute.

Overall, the holiday season is full of sales and new things being released. It is most important for people to keep the right intentions for the season. This season is all about giving, therefore those should keep the right mindset when shopping for a really good sale.