An Update On GLHS’s Furry Friend


The student body celebrates with Gravy for her birthday in the old gym. Students were able to take part in the celebration by gathering to sing Happy Birthday and eating suckers. Gravy turned one on Thanksgiving. Photo by Jason Westra-Hall

Olivia Schelling, Co-Editor

  Wait, there is still a dog wandering the school? Man, no wonder the school seems to be a much better place to be. It has been roughly half a year since Gravy arrived at GLHS, and things could not be going better. Students and staff can interact with Gravy frequently during the school day. 

  Already, the dogs in the district are leaving a lasting impact on the school. Staff, students, and parents only announced positive things about Canines for Change, and the furry friends around the schools. 

  Dogs across the district seem to be adjusting well to their new home. Having to learn new behaviors and surroundings can be very challenging. However, the dogs have been resilient and eager to be at the schools. Consequently, the dogs have created a safe and comfortable environment for students. As stated in a previous article, Gravy allows students to find a reason to attend school. 

  “The dogs have quickly become part of each school’s culture. Students and staff interact with the dogs on a daily basis. They have helped students feel comfortable in the classroom and feel better when they are feeling sad or upset, and they have helped create a sense of safety or comfort for others” stated William Barnes, assistant superintendent. 

  As of right now, there is no statistical evidence on the dogs’ impact at the schools. In the near future, Grand Ledge Public Schools will be sending out surveys about the addition of dogs to estimate the results of students socially, emotionally, and academically. 

  Gravy, oh Gravy, the furry friend of GLHS, thank you for positively impacting Grand Ledge High School. Mrs. Capra, Dean of Students, has noticed something not everyone can uncover while observing students’ interactions with Gravy. 

  “Something that has stood out to me is watching students who previously seemed shy or withdrawn, increase their socialization skills and join in conversations with peers while interacting with Gravy. Additionally, I too have really enjoyed building more relationships with students as they spend time with Gravy,” mentioned Mrs. Capra. 

  Every time a student interacts with Gravy, serotonin is released, enhancing their mood. Mrs. Capra is often told how much joy and happiness Gravy brings to their day. Students often go into Student Services to utilize Gravy as a stress reliever. 

  Taking a turn, Gravy recently turned one year old! The student body gathered in the old gym to celebrate GLHS’s furry friend. Many students brought gifts to have donated to the Capital Area Humane Society in honor of Gravy. 

“It was truly amazing to witness the joy and celebration that students showered on Gravy at her party,“ finalized Capra.