Clash of the Christmas Songs


Comets' Tale Newspaper Staff

The Newspaper staff has some fun dressing up as their Christmas songs. Music can help spread cheer throughout the holiday season.

Underneath the Tree
By Kelly Clarkson (Olivia Schelling)

The absolute best Christmas song is Underneath The Tree by Kelly Clarkson. Not to sound biased or anything, but this is the absolute most hype Christmas song. This song is not a traditional Christmas song, but rather a romantic twist on what Kelly wants for Christmas. Let’s be honest, I am a hopeless romantic, so this is my kind of song. This song takes all of the beauty in Christmas and lays it all out on the floor. It takes that message of love and joy and combines it with an upbeat tune to make the perfect song. This song has never failed to put me in a good mood. Christmas is all about joy and happiness, and this song clearly depicts this message. Whenever I hear this song, I smile and dance. Isn’t that what someone wants in a song?

The 12 Pains of Christmas
By Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio (Garrett Callison)

This hilarious version of the Twelve Days of Christmas is a great way to have a laugh on the holiday. This song has a total of twelve different Christmas events that tend to cause pain or stress during the holidays. Things like rigging up the lights, sending Christmas cards, in-laws visiting, and even the bratty child are referenced throughout. The song starts off slow with people doing their Christmas thing, but the anger and frustration escalates from there. In fact, rigging up lights turns into trying to find extension cords, and accidentally blowing a fuse. Not to mention it is hard to write Christmas cards when you do not even know half the people and the ridiculous five months of bills! Heads up: I give the song a PG-13 rating due to one heck and an alcohol reference, but other than that I say “WELL FINE, IF YOU’RE SO SMART! YOU RIG UP THE LIGHTS!”

Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer
By Elmo & Patsy (Madison Bartlett)

One of the best funny Christmas songs there could be. Some people may prefer romantic Christmas songs, but this song is definitely one of the best. Even if you do not know the lyrics, it is very easy just to start singing and dancing to this song. It is just natural. This song is exactly how it sounds. The song is about a grandmother who celebrates Christmas to her highest level, therefore she is “getting run over by a reindeer” meaning she is spreading a lot of holiday cheer. Whenever this song
comes on it automatically hypes me up, and I want to start dancing and singing to everything. If you’re trying to find a catchy, comedy Christmas song to listen to on repeat, this song is definitely the one to listen to!

Feilz Navidad
By Jose Feliciano (Mayra Cruz Santiago)

The best song for the holidays is definitely Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano. It is number five on Billboard’s Top 10 Most Popular Holiday Songs. The song is telling people to have a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. It is very catchy and it gets everyone to sing along even if people do not know all the lyrics. If anyone would ask what are the well known Christmas songs, this one would be mentioned a lot. Feliz Navidad brings a lot of joy and excitement not only to me, but to a lot
of other people too. Another reason it is wonderful is because it’s in Spanish and it makes me happy to hear people sing in Spanish. It is all around a very well known song during the holiday season. The song also makes me warm inside and gets me excited for Christmas and the new year. So “Feliz Navidad y prospero ano y felizidad” to you!