Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos


Los Tres Reyes stand around the Roscon. These kinds are celebrated on the 6th of January.

Mayra Cruz Santiago, Staff Writter

Jan. 6th marks “Los Tres Reyes Magos” (Epiphany) countries like Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Mexico begin to celebrate this holiday. Many are gathering around and celebrating with their families and friends.

Dia De los Reyes is a holiday that most Latin countries celebrate. The holiday is about Los Tres Reyes (Three Wise Men) named Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthazar. Los Tres Reyes travel on the backs of camels, horses, or elephants, depending on various interpretations.

The Three Wise Men traveled all the way to Baby Jesus by following a star in the sky to worship him and give him three presents. The three presents were gold given by Melchior, frankincense given by Gaspar, and myrrh given by Balthazar.

Puerto Rico has their own way of celebrating this holiday. On the night before Reyes, Puerto Ricans get a small box to put some grass inside. After this is done, children put the boxes underneath the bed for the “camels” to eat. On the next day, kids around the island wake up to presents underneath their bed.

“The first gift I got was a bed for a doll, but I didn’t have a doll” stated Senora Maria Morales, a resident in Puerto Rico, “Later on the next wise men gave me a doll!”

Later on, families get together and celebrate the holiday by having dinner and a party. Unlike other countries who celebrate dia De Reyes, Puerto Ricans typically don’t make the Roscon De Reyes (Special cake for three kings day). The Roscon on the inside is filled either with cream or chocolate. On top of the Roscon there are candied fruit to make it look like jewels on a crown.

Each one of the Reyes would have their day; the 6th is for Gaspar, the 7th for Melchior, and the 8th for Balthazar. There are special church services for the Tres Reyes and Jesus.

In some cities of Puerto Rico, there are parades either on the day before or the day of the holiday that are for the Reyes. The Tres Reyes are there and toss candy to the children.

 That is how Puerto Rico celebrates Dia De los Reyes Magos, but there are more countries that celebrate it like Spain.

Spain celebrates it similarly like Puerto Rico.  Spanish children write letters for the Reyes asking for what they want. Unlike in Puerto Rico, children in Spain leave their shoes on balconies or under the christmas tree. They also leave treats like walnuts and satsuma for the three Reyes.

Similar to Puerto Rico, Spain also has parades for Los Reyes, each of them having their own floats that are shaped like camels. Los Tres Reyes usually toss little bags of candy for the children. There are even real camels in the parade sometimes.

When celebrating Dia de Reyes, Roscon de Reyes is either bought or made. Inside the roscon there is a figure that looks like Baby Jesus and there is a lima bean inside too. If someone gets the figure they get good luck for the rest of the year. If the lima bean is found, the person has to buy next year’s Roscon.

This holiday is special to many people who celebrate it. No matter where it is celebrated this holiday creates lasting memories for many.