Winter Storm Landon Targets The Midwest


Garrett Callison

Large amounts of snow are falling in the community of Grand Ledge. School has been cancelled for much of the Eaton County Area.

Garrett Callison, Staff Writer

  Grab shovels and get prepping as winter storm Landon approaches the midwest. Meteorological computer models show that the incoming storm has chances of dropping 20 inches of snow in just Jackson, Michigan. Cities such as Indianapolis and St. Louis are expected to get the most snow. Winter Storm and Ice warnings have been issued for many parts of lower and upper mid Michigan. 

  The projected path of Landon is to span from the Colorado and Texas area to the northern parts of Maine. Not to mention the Northeastern United States was hit by a Nor’easter – a storm that brings heavy snow, strong winds, blizzard conditions, and coastal flooding in the Northeastern United States along the Atlantic Ocean- earlier in the month (Computer Model The Weather Channel). 

  Here are the local watches and Warnings form the National Weather Service

  The Weather service is warning people that when the storm hits do not travel unless it is absolutely necessary. According to The Weather Channel a strong dip in the jet stream brought mass amounts of Cold air which ended up mixing with the warm air masses from the Gulf of Mexico creating Winter Storm Landon. Due to the winter storm Grand Ledge Public Schools along with many others have closed for February 2 and 3, 2022.  Drive safely and stay warm, Grand Ledge.

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