Meet The New Board Member


Garrett Callison

Sawdon is the administration building in which the board members meet for the school district. There has been a recent meeting regarding the mask policy which Glasscoe attended.

Garrett Callison, Staff Writer

  The community of Grand Ledge Public Schools has a new addition! Toni Glasscoe is the newest addition to the GLPS School Board. With her new position, she is excited to change and improve the Grand Ledge Public School district.

  Ms. Glasscoe has lots of respect for the world of education. She has worked in multiple schools as a fourth grade, middle school, and high school teacher. 

  “I would line up my dolls in chairs and teach. By the time I was five I wanted to be a teacher” said Glasscoe.

  She has a driving ambition of wanting to make a difference in the world through the education of students, especially in Grand Ledge. She wants to be a positive influence in people’s lives. Her biggest goal is to help Grand Ledge have the highest test scores and the most graduating students.

  Her goal as a board member is to not only be able to help the community but understand what is going on. 

  “There is always more to the situation than what you see,”

— Glasscoe

  She wants to learn about the different layout of each school in the district since it would help her understand the culture of Grand ledge. She hopes to meet many students and teachers throughout the school district and travel to each school before elections.

  Toni Glasscoe is a driving power that cares about the students and teachers of this school district. She has plans to run again for the board after meeting the district students and parents. Toni Glasscoe plans to improve the schools and help Grand Ledge reach its highest degree of education.