I-96 and I-496 Will Be Experiencing Construction


Garrett Callison

Interstates and bridges are being fixed state-wide. Roadway safety has been a concern and was a reason for construction.

Garrett Callison, Staff Writer

The interstate that flows throughout Michigan is going to be experiencing construction that may last into the summer. This project will take some time and could cause traffic back ups due to detours needing to be taken.

Over in Western Michigan, near the Muskegon area, the bridge that goes over Hile Road will be getting maintenance, and Norris Creek’s I-96 bridge will also require maintenance that will lead to lane closures in the Norris Creek area. In Ingham County, I-496 will be having two miles of roadways, Lansing Road to Grand River, experiencing construction as well.

The freeways, interchanges, and 17 bridges will be the areas experiencing maintenance. The Muskegon construction is estimated to take until over the summer and into October. I-496’s construction is expected to
take until late 2022 to 2023. Both construction projects are for maintenance and are meant to improve roadway safety.

Multiple accidents have occurred, especially on I-496, Recently on April 18, there was a large accident on I-496 around the interchange near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Five cars were off the road and a total of fifteenth cars were involved in the accident. Multiple fie trucks had to report to the scene.

The I-96 bridges will be receiving substructure repair (supports), new expansion joints (to hold road pieces together), approach work (shoulder lanes and curbs), and steel beam repair. I-496 will be having an $80 million rebuild of the freeway, interchange ramps, and other operational improvements around Lansing Road and M-99. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard will have upgrades to its service drives, and there will be preventive maintenance on seventeen bridges in the area. The construction will help improve safety and mobility. Since this is an important commuter route in Michigan.

This construction, considering it will take years to finish, will cause multiple traffic problems through-
out the summer and the school years to come. Detours have been planned for the construction
with Muskegon having detours using Airline Rd, Sternberg Rd, and Harvey St. It will lead to back-ups considering it is near the Muskegon Airport. I-496 will use Malcolm X St as a detour. Westbound I-496 will use Saint Joseph St at the Grand Avenue exit as a detour, and a minimum of two lanes will be open for the roadways.

Even though this may be an inconvenience, it is ultimately for the roadway safety of the state of Michigan. The construction will be beneficial for the state of Michigan for years to come.