Switchin’ Up Wii Sports


Garrett Callison

Nintendo Switch Sports is the newest edition in the Wii Sports franchise. These games have been enjoyed by many throughout the years.

Garrett Callison, Staff Writer

After years of waiting, it has finally been announced. Nintendo Switch Sports is coming April 29th, 2022. This title has Nintendo fans on the edge of their seats eager for the fourth installment in the series.

The Wii Sports franchise was one of the most popular franchises for the Wii game console in 2006. While the first installment only had five sports, the next, Wii Sports Resort, would have 12 sports. Then, Wii Sports Club would introduce the online play mechanic, in which players can use internet connections to play with others worldwide. Multiple portions of each game seem to be combined for this new installment, and students are hyped for the game.

“The game does sound exciting. I have enjoyed playing Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort in the past, so it will be interesting to see what this new game will bring,” Zachary Stevens, a Junior at Grand Ledge High School said.

Nintendo Switch Sports was announced at Nintendo Direct on Feb. 9th, when it was introduced with the swinging of a Joy-Con and the iconic tennis sound effect being heard. The game, instead of taking place on the nostalgic Wuhu Island, takes place in the new location Spocco Square. Tennis, Bowling, and Chambara (Swordplay) are making a return while Volleyball, Badminton, and Soccer are being added. Also, in the fall, Golf will be added through a free update.

The Joy-Cons will also be receiving a collaboration update with the leg strap accessory for soccer. This is making potential players have eyes on this new feature.

“The design of the Joy-Con is genius, and there are so many opportunities” Dominic Zoglio, another Junior at Grand Ledge High School said.

Nintendo did allow many to sign up for play tests of the game Feb. 18-20, yet many have found secrets already, the game has Tourist Tips occasionally, such as “After a full day of playing sports, you’ll have easy access to shopping, restaurants, and work, no matter which area you’re in,” There are other hints to canoes and air sports making a return with equipment in the background of the arena’s. People are speculating that city exploration might come soon. Character outfit customization is an feature in the game with new avatars. The new avatars are different, but Mii’s
can still be used in game.

Overall, the game looks promising and many are excited. The game will be released on April 29, 2022, so anyone interested can get a copy of this new installment then.