High School Musical

Katie Schupbach, Staff Writer

  This year, Grand ledge High School chose High School Musical as their spring musical. High School Musical, a production about Troy Bolton, the school star athlete, played by Junior Jacob Deal, who falls for the nerdy new girl Gabriella Montez, played by Junior Gabby Seigo. Troy and Gabriella audition for the school musical, but Sharpay Evans, played by Senior Kat Platte, does everything in her power to make sure they do not get the lead roles, which she wants for herself and her twin brother, Ryan Evans. 

  Being a part of the school musical is a lot of time and commitment. Hours of practice after school and many hours after that running lines and songs over and over again at home to make sure everything is perfect. 

  “We spend almost everyday practicing” said Lilly Davis, a cast member from High School Musical

  Doing all this and still managing everything else, like homework and sports, is really a talent only these kids have. 

  There were four shows for this musical, Thursday through Sunday. A crazy busy weekend for the performers in this musical, even after weeks of back to back rehearsals. They also performed the show for elementary school kids the Wednesday before opening weekend, during school. 

  Although participating in the musicals is a lot of work, it is also a lot of fun. Everyone builds strong friendships with each other, because they spend so much time together. 

  “It’s like a family and you become so close with everyone that you’d do absolutely anything for them” Davis said. “You create the best friendships that last forever”. 

  So, if you’re looking for an environment of dancing, singing, and fun, consider auditioning for the next musical!