Ms.Zeko Says Goodbye To GLHS



Ms.Zeko saying goodbye to her GLHS family.

Madison Bartlett, Staff Writer

Ms. Zeko is one of many teachers retiring from Grand Ledge High School after the 2021-2022 school year. She has taught here for 23 years, teaching PHW Health, Consumer ED, Parenting A and B, 11/12 Grade Health, Family and Society, and Nutrition Ed. 

Many students have been impacted by Ms.Zeko, and have created many memories in her classroom, along with the students creating memories for Ms.Zeko.

“My favorite memories are the conversations I have with the students,” Ms. Zeko stated. “Some of them serious, some of them funny– but I will always remember what kids have said and taught me! I have also loved doing the baby project with the students.”

As mentioned before Zeko has taught Parenting A and B, and along with parenting, was a project of  having students take a fake baby home for one week, and being evaluated on how well their parenting is, based on the program inside of the baby. 

“I will miss the baby project. It’s hard for me to think about another teacher doing ‘my babies’,” Zeko states. 

After High School Ms.Zeko plans on traveling with her husband and going on many adventures. She wishes to travel and see all of the major league baseball parks!

We are all going to miss Ms.Zeko so much, so make sure before time runs out to go say thank you and goodbye to Ms. Zeko!