Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrate Individuality


Many teachers have posters with information featuring Hispanic icons outside their door. Students and staff have been able to view and learn from them during passing time.

Marisol Macias, Section Editor/Photo Editor

Fall is here which means people from Latin countries and Indigenous groups step into spotlight during holidays like Indigenous People’s Day in October, and Day of the Dead in November. 

People of Hispanic Communities begin to shine on the 15th of September, which marks the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month as well as the Independence Day for a number of Latin Countries, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras. 

During this time, people from this group recognize their unique heritage, which includes history, influence, and culture present everywhere.  

“My Hispanic heritage to me is the little things sprinkled in every day,” Elena Jiminez, a senior at Grand Ledge, said. “Something so simple as coming home to homemade flour tortillas, waking up on Sunday mornings to Tejano music…and even cracking cascarones on Easter is what my heritage is to me.”

Tradition is a huge part of celebrating any heritage and oftentimes these activities bring everlasting memories and meaning to those celebrating. In their home countries, people celebrate through street parades, festivals, dancing, and talks given by officials. 

Despite this, each country can carry out its own traditions: Costa Rica puts on a ceremony lighting homemade lanterns while Nicaragua celebrates with a battle of the bands competition, known as Festival Nacional de Bandas Ritmicas. 

While there are plenty of celebrations of life in these countries, it doesn’t always make its way to areas like Grand Ledge. 

“Hispanic influence in the Grand Ledge community is tricky, in the sense that I simply don’t know very many other Hispanic students,” Jiminez continues. “Simple ways to be more influential besides taking Spanish for a foreign language credit, could be sprinkling in Hispanic authors in English classes, [and] teaching Spanish songs in choir… are all awesome ways to be more inclusive!”  

All in all, this month is a time to uplift those from the Hispanic community whether that be individuals in Grand Ledge or beyond. Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! 


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