The Worlds Tallest Cat Discovered In Michigan


Graphic created on Canva by Eibhlin Reed.

Fenrir is an F2 savannah cat, which average 14.8″ in height.

Eibhlin Reed, Staff Writer

Meet the feline who was cat-apulted into fame, from right here in Michigan! That’s right, the world’s tallest living domestic cat resides in Farmington Hills, and has officially made it into the Guinness Book of World Records 2023. The award-winning feline’s name is Fenrir, and he measured a height of 18.83 inches tall.

But Fenrir is not the only record-setting cat in his furry family. Will Powers, a doctor in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and the owner of Fenrir, also raised the previous Words Tallest Domestic Cat, and the cat holding the title of ‘Longest Tale on a Domestic Cat’. Unfortunately, these two cats, (Arcturus and Cygnus), died in a house fire in 2017. 

In an interview with CBS Detroit, Powers recalled the event as tragic, not only losing his cats, but also his home.

Powers knew these cats could never be replaced, but Fenrir rose to the occasion and took on the new title, and Arcturus’s legacy. 

“I feed Fenrir the same special diet I developed for Arcturus, so with similar genetics and the same environment, it’s not shocking that he grew as massive as he did,” Powers stated in an interview with Guinness. 

The name Fenrir originates from a giant wolf god in Norse mythology. The name represents savagery and power.

But this F2 Savannah Cat is described by its owner as anything but savage. He enjoys playing fetch and chasing Will around the house. He also works as a therapy cat and comforts patients in Will’s office. 

All in all, Fenrir has certainly dipped his paws into stardom, and has become one record-breaking pet!