Grand Ledge Athletic Trainer Passes Away

Grant Dorland, Co-Editor

Long-time Grand Ledge athletic trainer Heather Kleiman tragically passed away at a Green Bay hospital while visiting her family over the holidays. 

Kleiman was a valued member of the Grand Ledge athletic program for the last 18 years helping generations of athletes. 

As the longest-serving athletic trainer in mid-Michigan, Heather’s dedication to our student-athletes and coaching staff was unmatched. This is a tremendous loss for our Grand Ledge school and community.” Athletic Director Steve Baker said in a statement put out by the school.

Heather’s impact was felt school-wide as many of the athletes would see her regularly. 

“Heather was an amazing trainer and person she always took good care of me and my teammates and I will always appreciate her for that,” Senior football player Mason Stocker says. 

Her impact reached further than just the athletes, during basketball games she interacted with other students and looked out for the well-being of everyone she came across. 

“Heather was a great person to have on the sidelines we all built a good relationship with her throughout the season, this is a tragic loss for our whole school and community,” says senior lacrosse player Isaac Bombgaars.

Kleiman was appreciated by her community and she will be missed.