Comets are College Bound


This bulletin board is one of others to support students during their journey towards college. This one, along with others were located around Student Services in the high school.

Marisol Macias, Section Editor

  ‘Tis the season! Winter weather can hover over Grand Ledge but that doesn’t stop upperclassmen, especially Seniors, from looking forward to college life. Most students have already worked hard at admissions and many have been happily accepted into these schools, but what comes next?

  According to Grand Ledge High School Counselor Miss Dohm, getting started on scholarships is a wonderful way for students to earn financial aid and support later in their college career. “…Start early is the biggest tip. A lot of kids don’t realize that. Sometimes scholarships are contingent upon your early acceptance. So, if they didn’t apply by a certain date like November first or October 15th, or March first, they may not qualify for some scholarships that are merit based.” 

  While it’s true that a number of Seniors are ready to graduate and say goodbye to highschool, procrastination is a huge obstacle that can stand in the way of an efficient college path. For the most part, the process can be extremely stressful, confusing, and even nerve-wracking. However, sitting down and recognizing the opportunities floating around the school community can help ease stress of applications. 

  “For our students though, one of the biggest [scholarships] is going to be Wacousta, if they went to Wacousta…they have their scholarship on our website, that was just this week, so that’s pretty current. Their deadline is April 22nd.” 

  “On our website is a great resource, students can also make sure they file their FAFSA, that’s huge…” 

  GL’s online website provides a number of resources, including Scholarship opportunities, a Senior checklist and a graduation checklist to ensure all GLHS alumni are right on track. 

   Good luck to all Comets!