Only 1/2 the Mystery


You is defined as a psychological thriller and has millions of viewers. The series has been on air since September of 2018.

Elena Gallaway, Staff Writer

On Feb. 9th, the long-awaited first half of season four of You was released on Netflix. After watching Joe Goldberg get away with murders, stalkings, and imprisonments featuring his glass box for years, many fans were ready to see how the end of his story plays out. 

You is based off of author Caroline Kepnes’ book series, with seasons two and three following the sequels Hidden Bodies and You Love Me. While the other three seasons of the show could essentially be predicted based on the writing, there was not a fourth book to go off of and won’t be until April of 2023. The screenwriters left it completely up to them, showrunner Sera Gamble only revealing, “The whole team is excited to explore new dark facets of love in season 4.”

The first half of season four follows Joe starting a new life after his latest obsession expressed her disinterest. Despite his new and improved attitude, Joe, now going by Professor Morre, finds himself in his least favorite style of writing- a murder mystery.   

The beginning of the season follows a new method of production, one where Joe finally isn’t the villain. The first half is full of irony, as Goldberg is the one looking for a killer rather than evading the ones looking for him. While this season branches into a new perspective, some fans are unsure how to feel about the changes. 

“This season just simply wasn’t as good as the rest!” Grand Ledge Senior, Isabel Gonzalez, stated. “I’m still excited for the next half of this season, but not as much as I was in the past. I hope it’s more exciting than what was just released” The You fan stated.

While many fans are still digesting the twists and turns of this season, some are still caught up on past loose ends. Wednesday star Jenna Ortega made appearances in the second season of You before debuting on her Netflix original. Her character, Ellie, was last seen being told to run away after receiving money from Joe. Ellie was loved by fans and cared for even more after her on-screen sister was fatally murdered by Joe’s wife. Being one of the few people who knew Will’s real identity was Joe Goldberg and what he was capable of, You fans were hopeful on her return, one tweet by @woahmitchell even claiming “I’m DONE watching if my girl Ellie doesn’t come back.”

Unfortunately for fans, Jena Ortega did not appear in the start of season 4 and has made no statement regarding the second half to come. Nonetheless, many fans are still excited to watch the other five episodes being released on March 9, on the edge of their seats after being left on a cliff-hanger.