Tom Sowle Elected Mayor


Photo by Hannah Rose

Thomas Sowle substitutes in a psychology class. Sowle presides as Mayor when not in the classroom.

Robert Miller, Online Editor

   On June 11, 2018, Mayor of Grand Ledge Dr. Kalmin Smith announced his resignation after over 20 years of serving as mayor. When the position opened, the Temporary Mayor Thomas Sowle was appointed to fill the position as Mayor.

   “I will be filling in the Mayor’s position in Grand Ledge until the term expires in November 2019,” Mayor Sowle said.

   Through his involvement with the city of Grand Ledge, Mayor Sowle eventually became a driving force for change in the city. He’s been involved with everything from youth sports to being on the city council.

   “Since I’ve moved to Grand Ledge with my wife, Madame Sowle, I’ve been involved in numerous activities, such as being a scout leader, a soccer coach, and an assistant basketball coach,” Sowle said. “I was also on the Grand Ledge High School Board of Education for a number of years, and I’ve been a city councilman for the past six years.”

    Sowle has also been very involved at GLHS, doing multiple things since he has been here. He is currently a substitute teacher and he helps make sure that the GLHS energy bill stays low.

   “I work as an Energy Specialist for the high school, and I regularly act as a substitute teacher,” Sowle said.

       As the new Mayor, he is also looking into new projects for the betterment of the city.

   “We’ve recently developed a splash pad on the riverfront and we also are breaking ground on a concert shell down there,” Sowle said. “And all of these things are to make Grand Ledge a better place.”

   For anyone who knows him, it can be very apparent that Mayor Sowle really enjoys Grand Ledge and wants to make it an even more amazing city. He enjoys everything about Grand Ledge, but his favorite quality of Grand Ledge is the citizens of Grand Ledge.

   “My favorite thing about Grand Ledge is the people.” Sowle said. “They’re always nice, warm, and welcoming to people, and are very helpful, and I’d like to make this town amazing for them.”

   As much as Mayor Sowle enjoys working with and developing the city, this was never what he planned to do when he first moved to Grand Ledge. He may be mayor now, but he first started as a business owner.

   “When I first moved to Grand Ledge, I was in business, and that’s what I was going to do. But once I had kids, that opened up opportunities for me to get involved,” Sowle also added.