Student Snow Day Stress


Photo by Glenn Horne

GLHS student stressed out over too many assignment. With 12 days lost, students are feeling increasingly stressed as the trimester ends.

Robert Miller, Online Editor

   This trimester, students at Grand Ledge High School have had 12 cancelled school days due to winter weather. Despite snow days typically being days of relaxation from school, students have become extremely overwhelmed and stressed out due to so many cancelled days of schooling.

   “My classes went from being three hours a week for class, as it is supposed to be, to being a good seven hours a week,” sophomore Savannah Burgess said.

   Burgess takes multiple art courses at Lansing Community College, and losing 12 days of class has made communicating with her professors especially difficult.

   “Our teacher has become really strained too, which is bad because we have to get most of our projects approved before we are able to start work on any other segments of the project,” Burgess said.

   Besides students who are enrolled in college classes, students who have all of their classes at Grand Ledge High School are also struggling, especially kids participating in any Advanced Placement and Accelerated/Honor Courses.

   “In Accelerated Algebra II and AP US History, we are becoming really stressed out from missing school, because we have to move faster than we already have to do,” freshman Madelyn Marsh said.

   In addition to the strain on classes, extracurricular activities at the high school also have become extremely difficult, especially the ones that are already put upon a strict time schedule.

    “It is also set the Lion King Jr. production back 12 days, which really hurts us when we are already on a very tight schedule to get enough practice before our performances that are less than a month away.” Marsh said.

   The trimester may have been extended a week, but with a whole month still left of the winter season, student stress may pile up even more if the winter weather refuses to lighten up.