Grand Ledge Hoop: Buckets on Buckets


Photo by Kaylee Nowell/Courtesy Photo

The Ledge played a fantastic game against Haslett. Devan Wilson is pictured taking a great jump shot.

Cam Roberts, Sports Editor

    When January hits at GLHS, many things come to the students minds. Getting over Christmas and winter break, heading into the new year, but most importantly, basketball season is in full swing. The team has a star-studded roster this 2019-20 season, with multiple returning starters to compliment. The boys have been in the gym and weight room since the summertime and have shown nothing but promise. The hype around this year’s team has been floating about since school started, and it is visible inside the gym on every game day.

   The team consists of a strong starting five: Senior Jared Houghton, Junior Devan Wilson, Sophomore Isiah Bailey, Senior Devan Gardella, and Senior Will Jerzak. Most of this close-knit group of guys have played with and against each other since youth hoop and the school has watched them develop as a unit. The team is 5-1 now after an explosive win against Everett at a home game on Jan. 14th, and the boys hope to keep this momentum rolling as they advance deeper into the season with playoffs on their minds.

    “We’re just excited to go out and compete every week with the guys next to us. It’s really something special, “ Jared Houghton, a Senior on the team said. The team had a game on Jan. 14th against Everett High School at home. This game was set to be an easy win for the Comets, but they are careful not to count their chickens before they hatch.

    “Wins aren’t guaranteed, but with all of the work we put in the offseason we help to raise our chances. Playing as a team and trusting each other plays a major factor in winning as well. Working hard when no one is looking is what we pride ourselves on as a team. “ Will Jerzak, a starting senior said. 

    With this dream team, once the momentum starts rolling deeper into the season, the only place to go is up. The weather for most of this season is predicted to be slightly cloudy with one hundred percent chance of BUCKETS! Go Comets!