How People Spent Their Valentine’s Day

Parker Alverson, Staff Writer

Many people celebrate Valentine’s Day, but not everybody celebrates it the same way. There isn’t a certain tradition to follow like other holidays. Valentine’s is all about showing others affection, whether it be friends or family. There are so many different ways to spend the day. Here, I’ll show some examples of how three different families spent their Valentine’s Day.

The first person that I asked about how they spent their Valentine’s was my mom. 

“I purchased special bakery treats to have with our special family breakfast. I bought homemade bagels and valentine cookies from a local bakery,” inferring that she had spent her day spending time with her family along with a nice breakfast. 

After asking whether or not the pandemic this year had any effect on her day she replied, 

”The pandemic didn’t really affect our day,” jokingly saying, “my husband says it’s a Hallmark holiday.” To wrap up her interview she concluded the most important thing to do is spend time with family during this holiday. 

Another person I talked to about Valentines is a friend of mine. He spent his day a bit differently than my mom by going out on a date which is what Valentines is a little bit more known for. 

“Watch a movie, play video games, and had some pizza.” In this case my friends had completely different plans compared to my mom and others. When I asked if the pandemic affected his plans he replied, 

“Kind of, but not really. We were planning on going somewhere but ended up not going anyways.” 

So overall both my mom and friend had a good Valentines Day doing their own things, their own way.

I interviewed one last person about what they did for their Valentines Day who was one of my neighbors. He told me he didn’t do too much any different from any other day 

“I didn’t really do much, I played video games, watched Netflix, went on a walk, and talked to some friends.” 

There are of course other people who didn’t do much on Valentines like my neighbor which also most likely means that this year’s pandemic wouldn’t have affected them much either. 

Overall, not everyone spends Valentine’s Day the same way. Everyone has a different plan for the day or sometimes no plan at all. For most people, it involves spending time with people they care about.