Godzilla Vs. King Kong Who will win?


Carmen Cline, Staff Writer

Godzilla and King Kong, a fight that is long anticipated. This fight between two very popular monster protagonists is a very interesting thing. King Kong and Godzilla are both strong creatures in their own ways. The idea of them fighting is both exciting and a bit frightening at the same time. So to answer the question, who will win? 

Well, it’s really anyone’s guess, but seeing as Godzilla is on a huge streak of wins against multiple enemies it is hard to see him losing anytime soon. That being said, King Kong himself hasn’t lost a battle. Though he hasn’t really battled as many big enemies as Godzilla.

So this fight should be very interesting, it has potential for either monster to come out on top. Many root for Godzilla to be the winner, mainly because he has had a lot more screen time than King Kong has. This has put Godzilla in a better position to win. Many fans have found themselves torn between the two beasts. The idea of Godzilla losing to another monster is a very hard pill to swallow for some people. It goes the same way for King Kong since he hasn’t lost a battle either. Many viewers are hoping Godzilla will be the one who comes out on top and defeats Kong. On the other hand, Kong hasn’t had as many battles as Godzilla, which might make him be the one to win.

King Kong could win, using his powerful brute force, and his incredible strength. He did beat a group of burrowing creatures, using his brute strength. King Kong is a very formidable enemy to any monster, his size and strength is very powerful. Kong is also very good at evading enemy attacks, and defending himself against enemies.

Godzilla on the other hand has his own tricks. First off, Godzilla has his extreme brute force. Godzilla also has strength on his side. Another trick he has, is his blue fire. Godzilla can breath out extremely hot blue fire, to scorch his enemies into the ground. His power is very impressive.

Again, the likely winner is most likely Godzilla. He is the creature with the most fighting experience, and with a bigger advantage with his power.