Fall in Love with Silk Sonic



Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars on stage’s.

Naomi Tijerina, Entertainment Editor

Imagine two phenomenal Grammy winning musicians coming together to form a band. Well,

this is exactly what happened when Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars joined forces after touring together during Bruno’s 24k Magic tour. As said by Bruno, “We locked in and made an album”. This new band (Silk Sonic) is something that no one saw coming, but it was definitely an amazing surprise.

Silk Sonic released their Intro feat. Bootsy Collins and their first track Leave The Door Open on March 5th. As soon as I heard the mention of Bootsy Collins I knew this was going to be one funky Album! Bruno Mars actually said that they got the name Silk Sonic from Bootsy. In order to feel the full funkiness that Silk Sonic has created, you need to start with the Intro and then carry on to Leave The Door Open. Bootsy’s Intro to the song sets off the mood and gets the listener ready for what’s going to happen next.

In an interview, Bruno Mar’s and Anderson .Paak said (Talking about Bootsy Collins) “He represents what a superstar is. I mean from the whole package everything from the silhouette, the glasses. And we grew up listening to that… and he’s got that iconic voice. So when me and Andy put this project together I said it would be cool to have Bootsy narrate this thing and thread all these songs together. We put the set list of Doom together, you know and we needed somebody, a real OG to host it.

Leave The Door Open immediately puts you in a smooth mood, but you always want more. The setting of the music video is like a 70s recording studio. From the studio to the sound, everything about Silk Sonic’s work is funky smooth. There are so many ad libs it is hilarious. The song just represents everything that you expect from this collaboration.

There is just no way that someone might dislike this song Bruno Mars definitely stepped his game up for this album. He adds a smoky sound to the song with his voice. And the outfits are on point! They covered everything that you could think of with funk. All while being themselves and it is absolutely amazing.

The best thing about them releasing this new song is that it was loved so much that even though they just released it, they still were allowed to perform at the Grammys. Of course, this was only after Bruno Mars went to social media and wrote a letter to the Grammys.

“Dear Grammys, If you can see it in your hearts to allow two out of work musicians to perform at your show, we would really appreciate it,” he wrote in an open letter shared on Twitter on Sunday.

#LetSilkSonicThrive @RecordingAcad pic.twitter.com/Ze5nuZQnvi— Bruno Mars (@BrunoMars) March 7, 2021

“We just released a song and could really use the promotion right now. We have a lot riding on this record (and the Pelicans game next week, but that’s another story).”

Overall, I am pretty much in love with this song, band, etc. I cannot wait till they release the rest of the album which will be called An Evening with Silk Sonic. It could not be more perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed this first release and am ready for more!