The Pollinated Air of Grand Ledge


Garrett Callison

Pollination occurs every spring and fall. Has the massive amount of vegetation over the years cause increased allergies?

Garrett Callison, Opinion Section Editor

Tourists flock to Grand Ledge to see The Ledges, nature, and numerous parks surrounding the town, but the residents of this quiet community experience something else. In the springtime, everything in Grand Ledge begins to bloom out of hibernation. All that pollen is released into the air causing a bad case of seasonal allergies.

Now, seasonal allergies are different than when compared to other allergies. For example, it can be food, medication, skin, etc. Specifically, seasonal allergies are a reaction to pollen, an outdoor allergen. Many say no matter how many anti-allergy pills taken, eye drops administered, tissues used, lotion applied, or bottles of water drank, they just cannot seem to be prepared for the season. The reason for this is the human body does not experience symptoms right away. Over(spring)time, the body is exposed to more pollen as things bloom throughout the season, leading to symptoms. Common symptoms of seasonal allergies are: itchy/watery eyes, runny nose, sore throat, irritated skin, and sneezing. However, many believe Hay Fever and seasonal allergies are different, but they are the same. Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis is the medical name for either seasonal allergies or Hay Fever (American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology).

The city of Grand Ledge is known for its natural beauty and plant life. Out of all plant life, trees produce the most pollen when in bloom. According to a research from Michigan State University (MSU), the most common trees in the state of Michigan are sugar maple and red maple trees. Maple trees are one of specific examples of high pollen producing trees (Robinson 2020). Everywhere from Oak Park to Fitzgerald Park there are many maple trees. Some Grand Ledge High School students – Amelia Diaz, Kiara Havier, and Rachel Casey – were asked about their thoughts or personal experiences on the matter. Amelia Diaz said 

“When I wake up in the morning, it takes my eyes five minutes to focus, my eyes are watery, and I blow my nose a lot”. 

“I don’t have allergies, but two people in my family do”said Rachel CaseyAll interviewed students reported that their homes are surrounded by multiple types of plant life: flowers, trees, bushes, grass. Thus, proving that Grand Ledge has a bad allergy season due to the plant life.

Many find seasonal allergies bothersome, the good news is that summer is far away, although there are preparation needed for summer allergies. Just drink lots of water, talk to a doctor about medicine, and buy stock in tissues.