The STEM Continues to Grow



The Stem program consists of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. There has been an increase in interest of the four topics.

Garrett Callison, Opinion Section Editor

 Progress is the beginning of a brighter tomorrow, and the youth of America are going to succeed in the journey. College enrollment in STEM programs has been on an increase since 2018. These programs and degrees are the basis of scientific discovery and the future.


    Many wonder what STEM is; STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM topics make up a majority of the educational system in all grades, everything from kindergarten to college. Each category is unique in its own way. Science is a systematic study of the world around us, technology is computer science and the study of the world-wide web, engineering is a branch of science mostly dealing with design and building, and mathematics is the study of quantity and numbers. The world is always advancing and looking for new discoveries. Those discoveries lead to job opportunities in STEM fields. Science, with a broad range of majors, can lead to jobs like doctor, marine biologist, nuclear physicist, etc. Technology majors can go into jobs such as video game design, web design, even tech mogul. Engineering has jobs such as manufacturing, innovation, and construction. Mathematics has jobs in finance, teaching, and business. 


    Knowing the basics of STEM, it is pretty clear why there is an increase in the amount of students applying to these programs. According to EdTech Magazine, STEM program ellroment went up 2.2 percent in 2018 (Cortez 2018). The STEM increase began in 2018 and is still increasing today. Most schools want students to be prepared for college at an early age by having them learn problem solving skills and critical thinking. Recently Middletown Schools, Michigan, has announced that they are switching their entire curriculum to a STEM format in the 2021-2022 school year to help their students prepare for the future (Day 2021). Due to this trend, schools are wanting to get the students a head in STEM.


    Recently a poll was sent out to receive data about Seniors and STEM programs. After the data was collected, interviews were initiated. One of the questions asked was on why did students decide to go into their particular programs. 


    “They are both really high paying jobs and they require problem solving skills, which I enjoy,” said Kaaviya Baskaran, who is thinking about computer science or computer engineering. 


    Another question asked was about what GLHS Seniors thought about the STEM enrollment increase. 


    “I think that there is an increase in STEM program enrollment because it is being promoted a lot more. Also, young kids can see role models doing what they love in a STEM field and form a specific interest that they can study and find a career later on,” Lauren Wallace said.


    The STEM of an educational plant is still growing and the change will help our world progress to a great future. With more and more students joining the program there is no telling what the future will hold.