New Teachers at GLHS

Andrew Powers, Staff Writer

This past year has been difficult for teachers and students alike due to COVID-19, but how have new teachers to Grand Ledge High School handled it? Ms. Scott, who teaches English 11 and News Staff, and Mr. Westra-Hall, who teaches Journalism and Yearbook, spent the first two-thirds of the year teaching online. Despite this fact, they both adapted well to this format and rolled with the many surprises that this past year has brought. 

While this was Ms. Scott’s first year teaching, she thinks that this worked to her benefit as she was more familiar with programs like Google Classroom that students would be using during virtual learning. What appeals to her most about teaching English 11 and Newspaper is how impactful they are and how viewing history through the lens of literature can apply to society moving forward.  Her favorite thing about her students is seeing them grow as they learn, changing their opinions as they gain knowledge, and having a growth mindset. 

“I am [proud] of them for working really hard this year… and doing their best even when their best looks a little bit different than normal,” said Scott. 

This being Mr. Westra-Hall’s third year teaching, but his first year online and at Grand Ledge, he thinks he adapted well to the online format and kind of liked it. His thoughts on the school itself are positive as well. 

“It’s refreshing to come to a school where there’s lots of opportunities for students and there’s lots of opportunities for teachers to try different things to help those students succeed,” said Westra-Hall. 

Westra-Hall also thinks the town of Grand Ledge itself is pleasant. His favorite thing about his students is their creativity and getting to see what they create when they’re passionate about it. His favorite thing about Journalism is how it allows for people’s voices to be heard, and his favorite thing about Yearbook is creating a piece of nostalgia. Some advice he wants to tell students is to not take themselves too seriously and to live their lives with the freedom to not be bothered by external forces.

The new teachers may have faced a pretty odd first year at Grand Ledge Highschool, but they are both still excited to continue teaching here.