Go Back and Do It Again

Marching Band Returns


Garrett Callison

The band is currently in concert arcs practicing music. This happens multiple times along with the practices at the field.

Garrett Callison, Opinion Section Editor

  After a full year of school cancellations, quarantines, and cancelled culture, one thing has finally made an official return. The Grand Ledge High School Marching Band is back on campus. With a whole group of new recruits, there is no telling what the new year will bring. 

  When COVID-19 struck, the band and all other things related to Grand Ledge High School were put to a halt. Not to mention, many of the students who joined the marching band in 2020 missed an entire year of practice. That slammed the band in between a rock and a hard place. The band had to train the new recruits while also thinking about the students’ health. The band has had very little interaction with anyone due to the COVID-19 restrictions, well at least in person. Even Seniors have missed a full year of memories and training. Only time would tell if the band could return to the high school.

  In late June of 2021, John Szczerowski, Director of Bands at Grand Ledge High School, announced the return of marching shortly and the picking of the band leadership. During the leadership meeting Mr. Szczerowski hired another assistant band director to work with him and the other assistant band director Mr. Funk. Ms. Schramm was the newest addition to the Grand Ledge Public Schools band program. She also took a job at Hayes Intermittent School teaching the beginning band to sixth graders. The last thing to occur during leadership rehearsal was the announcement of our show this year. 

  The Grand Ledge Marching Band presents America The Beautiful. The show includes five songs: America the Beautiful, this is a classic song with a marching band twist. America, a combination of Neil Diamond’s Coming to America and America from West Side Story. Lift Every Voice and Sing, a song written for Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and the song used in the 1960’s Civil Rights movement. My Shot, an upbeat song from the Broadway Musical Hamilton and America the Beautiful, this is a slower song like edition for the closer. After a long week of band camp and after school rehearsals that took place on mondays and wednesdays, two band members sat down to share their experiences. 

“I have never been this excited for something to start”, said Anna Padilla. 

“It was such a relief to actually be back and play our instruments” stated Elijah Long.

   The Marching Band has officially returned, and with it the spirits of all the members. COVID-19 may be far from over, but as the pandemic goes on the music in everyone will continue. Go Comets Go!