Incredibles Vs. Incredibles 2

Photo by Josh Blatt/The Comets’ Tale

    Incredibles: Ethan Irish

    Since the release of Incredibles 2, the latest movie in the The Incredibles series, the hype has been all around the animated superheroes. New fans are appearing left and right to join the hype, but little do they know all of the hype comes from the first movie in the series. Without this movie the second Incredibles would not mean anything. Even though the profits for the second movie and the animations were up to date does not mean the movie, overall, was better. There are many things to compare between the two different movies to end up with a final opinion on which of the movies is better.

The most obvious reasoning to why I can say, with confidence, the first movie is better, is the villain. In the first movie it starts with a flashback of Mr. Incredible’s biggest fan as a child, known as Incrediboy, and as the movie starts to progress the two of them have their disagreements. Incrediboy thinks he deserves a chance to be Mr. Incredible’s sidekick and help him defeat the villains in the world, but Mr. Incredible tells him he is just a kid. This infuriates the newly introduced character, and he goes on his way, but this would not be the end of Incrediboy. The movie goes on to present time after this confrontation, and in the end of the movie Incrediboy, whose name is now Syndrome, is the villain of the movie. His plan was to have his “omnidroid” fight the supers and learn battle tactics while facing against them. When the droid learns from the superheroes, this will make it indestructible. The way the movie introduced the soon to become villain early in the story gave the viewers an idea of what was going to happen. This is a way of foreshadowing and gave the watchers a taste of the newly introduced character.

   Another reason as to why the first Incredibles movie was better was the comedic value amongst the fantastic storyline. The first movie’s comedy was way better and was not tacky or cheesy compared to the second movie.  Without the comedy that took place every once in awhile in the movie, it would not have had the same reaction as it did. It kept the movie as a family movie; there was no question that it was a movie for all ages. The best parts in the movie was when Frozone, Mr. Incredible’s friend, is introduced as a superhero. In the scene Frozone and Mr. Incredible attempt to stop a bank robbery but as the appear to the scene the robbers flee andthe police show up making it seem like the two did the crime instead of the real robbers. As the scene goes on the police come into the bank and tell the two superheroes to freeze and Frozone actually freezes the police officer. Another example with Frozone would be when he and his wife are bickering back and forth about finding his super suit, when people needed his help.

   All in all there are a lot of points showing as to why the first movie was better than the sequel.  From showcasing the villain from the very beginning to adding comedy to make the movie funny. Incredibles 2 would not have been possible without the first movie of The Incredibles series.

Illustration by Josh Blatt/The Comets’ Tale


    Incredibles 2: Logan Hylek

    The Incredibles 2 is by far the better of the two Incredible’s movies made. The storyline in Incredibles 2 is better in my opinion. The Incredibles is a movie that introduces a world where superheroes and villains exist, but the heroes lost most of their popularity. Due to an outlaw because of all the property damage they cause when they try and save the day. In the second movie, Mr.Incredible and Elastigirl meet the Deavor siblings, who give them hope to be heroes once again.

   The animations in the first movie were far past its time, but after 14 years it only got better. The detail and emphasis they put on the characters is absolutely insane. For example, if you zoomed in on Bob’s polo, the realism to it is outstanding; the fibers and the seams on the shirt are truly incredible. Since 2004, the rendering advanced exponentially making the textures in every scene much more realistic.

   In the first movie some of Jack Jack’s powers were introduced, like the “Full Metal Baby,” “Demon Flame Baby,” and “Hobgoblin Baby,” but the Parr family was unaware of this because they were gone on a mission.  In the second movie, Jack Jack shows even more powers to his family. When Jack Jack sees a raccoon in their yard and he goes to attack it, he shows many different powers to defeat the raccoon. Jack Jack even saves Elastigirl, his mother, from Screenslaver’s mind control goggles using his Telekinesis power. The humor is another reason why this movie is better than  the first, and Jack Jack is a big reason for that. From his battle with the raccoon, to him teleporting to different dimensions just for a cookie. His random times floating and going through walls, and making people chase him around, is just hilarious. Not to mention the sneeze rocket.

   Part of what made this movie so good was the little knowledge we had going into the theater to watch it for the first time. After 14 years, the sequel still made close to three times more than its first movie, making a record breaking $182,687,905 opening weekend. The buzz for the Incredibles 2 was insane, but what made it even better is that all we knew about the movie was what we had known about the first movie which got people more excited.  The ending of Incredibles 2 is part of what makes it such a good movie, all the superheroes being the bad guys and only having the Parr kids to defeat them and save everyone on board and in the city. Jack Jack using his powers first to save Elastigirl was one of the most intense moments in the movie. When Jack Jack started to float towards his mom I got scared for him because I thought she was going to put Screenslaver’s mind control goggles on him .

    All these reasons explain why the Incredibles 2 is the better of the two movies. From the animations to the box office earnings on Incredibles 2 shows reasoning as to why it is better than the original Incredibles. These factors prove why Incredibles 2 is better.


Photo and Illustration by Josh Blatt/The Comets’ Tale