Buff N Tuff Is Back


Jason Westra-Hall

The seniors get ready to take the court against the Juniors. Buff n Tuff is finally back at Grand Ledge High School!

Madison Bartlett, Staff Writer

Buff n Tuff is back! Every Grand Ledge Homecoming consists of a series of events for the week, ending off the week of activities this year is Buff n Tuff! Buff n Tuff is a fun version of a boys volleyball tournament, run by some of our own Grand Ledge Girls Varsity volleyball players. This year, it was brought to GLHS by Student Council. 

  Grand Ledge has not done buff n tuff since 2018. Just like the powderpuff games where the boys coached the girls in football, the girls will coach the guys in volleyball. 

  Both the Juniors and Seniors had two practices before they got to compete against one another. The Buff n Tuff game was run like an actual volleyball game, where both teams will put out six players on each side of the court, and the best out of five sets will win. Each set went up to 25 points, meaning whichever team reaches 25 points first will win the  set. 

  The Junior vs. Senior game started approximately around 7 pm in the Grand Ledge High School main gym. To start off, the Juniors and Seniors did a coin toss, the Seniors won the coin toss, allowing them the first serve to begin the game. 

  The Seniors started off strong in the first set and defeated the Juniors making the Seniors 1-0. After a hard fought battle in the second set, again the Seniors come out with a win. The final set was a close call with the Seniors and Juniors going back and forth the whole set, however the Seniors once again came out with a win. With the seniors winning the third set, they win the whole game three sets to zero.

  “My favorite part of Buff n Tuff was seeing the team come together and sweep the Juniors 3-0,” Senior, Malachi Benjamin commented.

   Along with the exciting Buff n Tuff games, Grand Ledge Volleyball is now participating in the Michigan Boys Volleyball league. The boys practices will be held at the Sawdon Gym from 3:45-5:45 pm March 8th through May 24th. The boys volleyball games will typically be Mondays and Wednesdays leading up to districts.