Holiday Drinks are Back!

Braelyn Jackson-Pointer, Staff Writer

 The holidays are a time to enjoy good food and family. Another thing that comes with the holidays is the annual drinks and food, mainly from big franchises. Some favorites are the holiday drinks from Starbucks and Biggby.

  The Peppermint Stick Mocha is really good. It’s the perfect holiday-themed drink to get when you’re at your local Biggby. Even though the Biggby line was super slow, it was worth the wait. It has mocha mocha syrup, mint syrup and crushed peppermint which I personally think is a perfect combination. The thing is when I got there they didn’t have crushed peppermint which adds so much to this drink and makes the whole experience so much better. 

  This is perfect if you want something that is sweet and with a little coffee taste. If you’re lactose intolerant this might not be the best for you but if you’re really willing to take the risk it’s worth it.

  When I finished my drink at Biggby, I set off to our next stop. After I got to Starbucks they informed us that they were out of peppermint syrup so I decided to try the Caramel Brulée latte instead. 

  After ordering the Caramel Brulée latte at Starbucks, the wait was about 20 minutes long. When the drink finally came out, it was piping hot, with steamed milk and sugar crystals on top. The description sounds pretty appetizing, according to the Starbucks website it’s an espresso drink with “steamed milk and a rich caramel brulée sauce”. 

  However, the website forgets to mention the unappealing smell that comes along with it. It had a faint scent of mildew and maybe even spoiled milk. The drink had an interesting taste too, but not in a good way. Even though it’s a coffee drink, there wasn’t a coffee taste. 

  The main element of the drink is a sweet kind of taste with a hint of a milky aftertaste, which is not expected, nor wanted. Overall, even though there aren’t many positive things to say about the drink, it isn’t the worst. Should you order it? No. If you order it will the world end? Also no.

  It’s just a disappointing drink, and the best thing about this drink is that it is only available for the holiday season. So, that’s one thing to look forward to after the holidays! This mediocre drink disappearing from the menu!

  So, if you’re in the mood for a tasty drink and are feeling the holiday spirit, head over to Biggby and try their Peppermint Stick Mocha! It’s a super filling, not-too-sweet drink that helps you forget about the harsh cold of winter with one sip! And maybe just stay away from Starbucks during this holiday season!