Holiday Stress at GLHS?

Even the most wonderful time of the year can be stressful


Garrett Callison

Christmas Trees and Decorations are appearing around Grand Ledge High School. There has been no stress behind the scenes of getting the school ready.

Garrett Callison, Staff Writer

 It is the holiday season and, wait Christmas Shopping! The holiday season is approaching Grand Ledge High School, and it can be stressful for both students and teachers. With homework, grading papers, and constantly spending time at after school activities, things could get stressful. Does Grand Ledge High School stress about holidays?

  The holidays can get stressful with the decorating, present wrapping, and shopping that needs to be done this time of year. Even without school and jobs, the holidays can still be stressful. 

  “I would say yes, I feel like everybody does stress … I think the holidays are an important time of year, and it is time to be with family,” Senior at Grand Ledge High School Khrysta Pardee said. 

  Not only do students get stressed, but teachers do as well. Grading papers and emailing students during the break can be stressful. 

  “No particular activity causes me to stress, rather the feeling of running late or feeling like you’re behind on something that you have to get done,” Mrs. Carson, a Grand Ledge High School U.S. Government teacher said; But how does one at Grand Ledge High School balance these stressors? 

  The holidays are a time to be happy, and not a time to stress out about the little things in life. Luckily, there are resources that staff and students have used to manage their stress and keep a positive attitude.

  “I love the time off to spend with friends and family,” Mrs. Carson said. “I even spend a little time getting ahead in planning for class and that makes things less stressful as well.”

  • “When this happens, I take deep breaths, break the activity down into manageable parts and complete them until the task is finished.”

    — Mrs. Carson

  Overall, even though stress comes about during the holidays, it does not stop GLHS from celebrating the season. So find that cup of cocoa, listen to some holiday tracks, and try not to peek at the presents while you relax and not stress this holiday season. Happy Holidays GLHS!